PSY 1 Stem Psychrometer


The PSY1 Stem Psychrometer is a very powerful tool integrating all the ambient environmental parameters acting upon the plant such as solar radiation, temperature, humidity, wind speed and water availability into a single continuously measurable variable.

The PSY1 is a stand-alone instrument for the measurement of stem water potential. It can continuously log changes in plant water status/potential, which directly reflect the energy required to access water or the stress the plant is under.

Continuous & non destructive measurement of stem water potential in MPa (megapascal). Complete plant water status monitoring solutions:

  • Plant response to drought.

  • Irrigation scheduling for all crops eg: almond, grape & citrus.

  • Critical thresholds for fruit growth & sugar accumulation. 

  • Eco-physiology studies.

  • Plant breeding & plant selection for water use efficiency.

  • Mine-site vegetation monitoring.

Chamber of PSY1 Stem Psychrometer sensor

PSY1 Stem Psychrometer attached to tree branch