Stainless Steel Rain Gauge


The SRG0 is a research grade Rain Gauge with 0.2mm tips and high accuracy during intense rainfall events.

  • Rain enters the gauge through an 20cm orifice, protected by distortion preventing aluminium ring.

  • Collected water passes through the debris-filtering screen and is funnelled into one of two tipping buckets inside the gauge.

  • When a given amount of water collects, the bucket tips. (Tip of 0.2mm is standard).
  • Tipping causes magnet to pass over proximity switch, closing it momentarily.
  • Second bucket positions under funnel for filling.

  • After rain is measured, it exits through drain tubes with screen covered holes in the base of the gauge.

  • Designed for many years of accurate, trouble free operation.

  • Stainless steel outer housing.

  • Built in level indicator and pre-drilled feet.


  • Stainless Steel

  • Resolution of 0.2 mm

  • Accuracy of +2% at 500 mm/hr


  • Meteorological Station

  • Storm Water Management

  • Catchment Hydrology