Empowering Agricultural Knowledge and Technology

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Empowering Agricultural Knowledge and Technology

Empowering Agricultural Knowledge and Technology

Cari alat penelitian? Klik Produk Labodia

Author: Admin Labodia Prima

Admin Labodia Prima

More than iso/anisohydry: Hydroscapes integrate plant water use and drought tolerance traits in 10 eucalypt species from contrasting climates

Ximeng Li | Chris J. Blackman | Jennifer M. R. Peters | Brendan Choat | Paul D. Rymer | Belinda E. Medlyn | David T. Tissue Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, Western Sydney University, Penrith, NSW, Australia Correspondence: David T. Tissue Email: [email protected] Funding information: Australian Research Council, Grant/Award Number:Continue Reading

Monitoring Xylem Hydraulic Pressure in Woody Plants

Guillaume Charrier(1, 2, 3, 4, *), Régis Burlett(2), Gregory Gambetta1, Sylvain Delzon(2), Jean-Christophe Domec(3) and François Beaujard(4) 1. Bordeaux Sciences Agro, Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin, Ecophysiologie et Génomique Fonctionnelle de la Vigne, UMR 1287, Villenave d’Ornon, France; 2. BIOGECO, INRA, Univ. Bordeaux, Cestas, France; 3.Continue Reading

Integrating new technologies into the effective planning of irrigation schedules towards efficient water use and minimum loss

Y.A. Al-Mulla(1,a), S. Siddiqi(1), I. McCann(2), M. Belhaj(3) and H. Al-Busaidi(1) 1. Department of Soils, Water, and Agricultural Engineering, College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman; 2Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait; 3International Center for Biosaline Agriculture, Dubai, UAE. Abstract Irrigation consumes between 80 to 90%Continue Reading

Banded vegetation in some Australian semi-arid landscapes: 20 years of field observations to support the development and evaluation of numerical models of vegetation pattern evolution

D. Dunkerley* School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment, Faculty of Science, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia Abstract Periodic vegetation patterns (PVPs) are striking features of many global drylands. Although they have attracted wide research studies, resulting in many hypotheses, their origin and controlling factors remain unresolved. Theoretical works dominate a largeContinue Reading

Effect of the nitrification inhibitor (DMPP) on soil nitrous oxide emissions and yield in a lettuce crop in Queensland, Australia

Clemens Scheer(1), Peter Deuter2, David W. Rowlings(1), and Peter R. Grace(1) 1. Institute for Future Environments, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, QLD 4000, Australia 2. Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (Queensland), Gatton Research Station, Qld. 4343, Australia *corresponding author: [email protected] Keywords: Nitrification inhibitor; 3,4-Dimethylpyrazol phosphate (DMPP); Entec; Vegetable cropping;Continue Reading