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Aczet are specialized in High Precision Micro, Semi-micro, Analytical and Precision Balances. In Year 2011 we also launched our New Alpha Numeric: Halogen Moisture Balances which is first of it’s kind & we are celebrating success of the product with all our Proud Distributors & their customers. We also have a wide range of Industrial scales, Platform Scales, Bench Scales, Counting Scales, Shipping Scales, Kitchen Scales, Health Scales, Fat Scale, Baby Scales, Crane Scales etc.


Buerkle develops, manufactures and distributes samplers, sampling systems and accessories for samplers, filling machines, drum pumps and submersible pumps for aggressive and dangerous liquids such as acids, alkalis and solvents, as well as a variety of lab equipment and apparatus made of plastic.


ICT International This video outlines the importance of sap flow and discusses interesting applications from around the world. Topics include: – Stomatal control of transpiration – Drought adaptibility – Stem water conductance and storage – Mapping 3D water flow


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