HFD8-50 Heat Field Deformation


For the measurement of sap flow or transpiration in plants.

The Heat Field Deformation (HFD) technique is ideally suited to sap flow research projects that require the measurement of extended radial sap flow profiles to accurately map hydraulic architecture of trees. Similar to the HRM sap flow sensor the HFD sensor can measure high sap flow rates as well as low to zero and reverse sap flow.


Heat Field Deformation – Sap Flow Meter Features

  • Standalone system with integrated logger and battery
The HFD8-50 differs from the HFD8-100 only in the length of the probe needles. Measurement probes feature a 5mm measurement point spacing, offering an improved sap flow resolution.
The shorter needles also significantly reduce the time required for installation.
Optimal logging solution: Sap Flow Meter


  • Stand-alone logging
  • MicroSD expandable memory
  • 4GB MicroSD Removable Storage Card (capacity: 10+ years data storage)
  • Wireless connectivity and data transfer
  • Flexible sensor calibration, look-up tables, and user scripts
  • 24-Bit resolution
  • IP65 rated water proof enclosure
  • Free Windows and Mac utility configuration software
  • Optional wireless logging

Power management:

  • Field: direct connected solar panel
  • Lab: mains DC power supply
  • Internal Lithium-Polymer battery
  • Internal Lithium-Polymer battery charger and power management