Dynamax Dynagages



The Dynamax Dynagage sap flow sensor consists of a flexible heater, a thermopile to measure radial heat loss, and differential thermocouple pairs to measure the axial temperature differences qu-qd.

All of these sensors and heater are mounted on a cork substrate and housed inside a white, reflective foam, thermal insulating collar. Once the sensor is installed on the stem surface, both the sensor and the stem sections above and below the sensor are completely covered by a heat insulator to minimise thermal perturbations caused by the ambient environment. Power is supplied continuously to the heater from a regulated DC power source.

Dynagage Features

  • Direct transpiration measurement
  • Strap-on sensor collar
  • Non-invasive and flexible
  • Constant heat-energy balance
  • Real-time monitoring and recording
  • 1 year warranty