Dynagage Logger


The Dynagage Logger from ICT International is a rugged, self-contained, standalone logger designed to collect data from any Dynagage Stem Gauges and Microsensors.

Designed to allow easy access to the collected data, the Dynagage Logger stores data on an internal MicroSD card for retrieval either using the USB port, 2.4GHz wireless network, or when combined with the ICT International Telemetry hub, via the mobile phone or Iridium satellite networks.
Within Combined Instrument Software (CIS) Dynagage Stem Gauges and Microsensors are pre-programmed in a look up database. The dedicated user interface in CIS allows the user to configure the Dynagage Logger with logging frequency and to view live measurements, download, and view files. Powered by a Lithium Polymer battery charged either via a solar panel for field applications, or the CH24 24 Volt power supply from ICT International for laboratory applications, the Dynagage Logger is a versatile logger for a variety of applications.