DBL60 Stand-Alone Logging Dendrometer

Whole tree water relations research has just become easier and more accurate. The DBL60 Logging Band Dendrometer now incorporates its own self-contained datalogger. Using an internal lithium battery there is no need for external batteries or solar panels to power the logger, meaning it can be attached to a tree and set logging with no other accessories or requirements.

Such independence means multiple trees throughout an experimental site can be continuously logged over a much larger area than if they were required to be connected to a central logging system. Small trees, large trees, neighbouring trees or very distant trees can now easily be measured without physically limiting design constraints. The DBL60 is a very reliable and low cost method of accurately measuring and monitoring tree growth rates.

DBL60 Logging Band Dendrometer Features

  • Rotary position sensor
  • Step-less reading
  • No upper limit in stem diameter
  • Built-in datalogger
  • IR data access
  • Optional internal temperature logging
  • Non-invasive fixing
  • High resolution (1µm)