Data to the Web

With the MCC-CH you can download your data remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The MCC-CH collects data from any ICT Instrument within range and sends this data to an internet server via the GSM network. You can log onto the ICT Data View software with a secure username and password to view and download data in near real time. Data can be exported to your computer in .csv file format for further use.

MCC-CH Data to Web Features

The MCC-CH is a wireless communication device allowing data to be downloaded anywhere in the world via the Internet and mobile network.

  • Industrial quality product.
  • Wired interfaces protected against lightning and other transients. Includes separate local earth connection.
  • Wired interfaces optically isolated from the USB port and power supply to simplify connections between equipment with different power and ground potentials.
  • Data encryption prevents eavesdropping and hacking of transmissions.
  • Sophisticated error checking and message resending ensures error free data transfers.