Infrared analyzer for whole grains and powdery products

 Infraneo 1

Applications :

Secure your business deals with, the Infraneo.
Control the grains quality:
– Proteins,
– Moisture,
– Specific Weight, and more.

Principle :

This near infrared analyser has been specifically designed for the control of grains upon reception.

Compliant with :

The Infraneo is certified in France by Agroreso, CGAC, Infranet and Atlantique Analyses.

Infraneo :


Analyzes whole grains and powders

Saves results to memory

Multiple parameters (protein, humidity, Zeleny test, gluten, oil, ash content)


Monochromator transmittance analysis

Excellent repeatability (the operator does not influence the outcome)


No sample preparation (grain)

Automatic selection of the measuring