Measuring with MiniTherm

  • MiniTherm
  • MiniTherm display
  • MiniTherm with case
  • MiniTherm without case
  • Easy and quick battery replacement, battery included
  • Sensor directly in the measuring tip
  • Handy
  • Many uses
Temperature control This immersion/insertion thermometer is suitable for measuring temperatures in gases, soft or powdered substances and liquids.

New: The mini thermometer in watertight design can simply be rinsed under flowing water or even cleaned in a dishwasher.

Available types:

Model standard watertight
Measuring range -50 to +150 °C -20 to +230 °C
Length 133 mm 120 mm
Dia. 4 mm 4 mm
IP Code 41 67
Item no. 5384-0011 5384-0012