Disposable plunging siphon

Disposable plunging siphon

  • Sampling with the disposable dip sampler

If strongly adhesive liquids are sampled, it can be a lot less expensive to dispose of the sampler than to carry out a complicated cleaning process.

The disposable dip sampler were developed especially for this purpose. They are made of PE, transparent and the contents are easily visible.PE provides a surface that resists adhesion of the sample material, minimising sample retention on the dip sampler.


  1. Insert the dip sampler into the liquid and fill it.
  2. Close the thumbhole above the handle using your thumb.
  3. Take out the dip sampler and empty the liquid into the sample bottle.

Available types:

Volume 75 ml 175 ml 275 ml
Immersion depth 35 cm 60 cm 85 cm
Total length 50 cm 75 cm 100 cm
Tube Ø 27 mm 27 mm 27 mm
Item no. 5387-0050 5387-0075 5387-0100