Scratcher tip detail

  • Sampling with Scratcher
  • Sampling chamber
  • Scratcher
  • Scratcher diagram for use
The scratcher has particularly been designed for sampling cohesive, caked and not free-flowing substances.


  1. Insert the closed lance into the sample.
  2. Open the inner tube by turning the sample chamber when at the required depth.
  3. Turn the scratcher by 360° in the sample, the scraper directs the caked material into the sample chamber.
  4. Close the sample chamber.

Available types:

Chamber volume 5 ml 10 ml 25 ml
Flute length 22 mm 45 mm 110 mm
Outer dia. with scraper 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm
Item no. 5347-0005 5347-0010 5347-0025