Sampler Tubus

Tubus use

  • Tubus use drawing
  • Tubus and close-it food

  • Also for coarse-grained bulk goods
  • Made of stainless steel V4A (1.4404)
  • Special geometry of the tip
Sampler for pourable bulk goods up to approx. 1 cm in diameter. This makes it possible, for example, to remove hazel nuts, blends of tea, grain or similar items from large sacks.


  1. Insert Tubus into a sack to the desired sampling depth, while keeping the collection tube closed using your hand.
  2. When you remove your hand, the sample flows directly through the open tube into the container or sampling bag beneath it.

Corresponds to ISTA standard for seed lengths of 10 mm (wheat, oats) and 5 mm (flax, vetches).

Available types:

Length 40 cm 80 cm
Dia. 40 mm 40 mm
Item no. 5382-0040 5382-0080