All-layer drill

All-layer drill

  • Sampling with all-layer drill
  • Sampling with all-layer drill
  • All-layer drill
  • All-layer drill
  • Sampling with all-layer drill
The all-layer drill is a special zone collector specifically designed for heavily compacted substances. Often it is very difficult or impossible with conventional zone collectors to penetrate media of this type and take a sample extending through all layers. By contrast, the drilling blades of the all-layer drill burrow easily and quickly to the required depth without expending any great force. This makes it easy to take samples of media, even those with high density, and every type of highly compacted powders and granulates.

The all-layer drill thus allows you to take a representative sample through all the layers, even with greatly compressed media.

It is ideal for larger containers, mixed containers, big bags, etc. in the building materials, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and luxury items industries.


  1. The all-shift drill is screwed manually into the bulk material.
  2. The chambers are opened at the desired sample depth and the sample material flows in.
  3. Close the chambers.
  4. Remove or unscrew the all-shift drill.
  5. Empty the sample through the open inner tube.

Available types:

Material V4A
Total length 150 cm
Insertion depth 1355 mm
No. of openings 5
Chamber volume 260 ml
Item no. 5310-0150
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