SteriBag StandUp sample bag

SteriBag StandUp sample bag, filling

  • SteriBag StandUp sample bag, closing
  • SteriBag StandUp sample bag
  • Filling SteriBag StandUp sample bag
  • Closed SteriBag StandUp sample bag
  • Stands stably
  • Protected against discharge
  • Sterilised
  • With labelling field
SteriBag StandUp is a sterile sample bag with a stand-up base. The special bottom unfolds as soon as the bag is filled. This makes SteriBag StandUp stable and able to stand on its own without a separate stand or support, leaving both your hands free to take the sample and fill the bag. The wire bracket at the closure keeps the bag open, making it easy and convenient to fill.

The sample bag is the ideal space-saving, unbreakable, inexpensive and sterile replacement for bottles and beakers.

Can be used for samples available as liquids, powders, solids and pastes; suitable for foods and can be frozen.

The stable standing SteriBag StandUp sample bag is easy and safe to transport.

SteriBag StandUp, the sample bag for easy handling of samples.

Available types:

Capacity 400 ml 600 ml
L x W 229×114 mm 229×152 mm
Pieces per pack 500 500
Item no. 5344-0400 5344-0600