• LiquiDispo tip
  • Diameter 21 mm

Profitability vs. quality

What would be the use of samples that are contaminated with previous ones? Absolutely nothing! On the contrary, these are the most expensive samples imaginable, as they lead to incorrect results.

However, high-quality cleaning of a sampler costs time and money. Cleaning is also more often complicated, especially for greasy, adhesive or hazardous substances.

Trained personnel should not be concerned with cleaning tasks, but correct sampling – the credo of our customers in all branches. Wholly driven by our motto: correct sampling.

The cleaning methods need not be revalidated and complied with during regular audits, either.

Collect samples – instead of complicated cleaning! Disposable product – unpack, take sample, recycle! Made of environmentally friendly, recyclable PE or PP.

No contamination with other samples, no complicated, time-consuming, expensive cleaning.

Disposable samplers are produced under clean-room conditions, they are dustfree and individually packed in film. Optionally available as sterilised with gamma rays.

Disposable sampler for liquids of low viscosity up to about 10,000 cP.

Available types:

Length 500 mm 500 mm 1000 mm
Volume 100 ml 100 ml 190 ml
Material HDPE HDPE/sterilized HDPE
Pieces per pack 20 20 20
Item no. 5393-1120 5393-1121 5393-1130
Length 1000 mm
Volume 190 ml
Material HDPE/sterilized
Pieces per pack 20
Item no. 5393-1131