Gas-tight stainless steel barrel pump – discharge hose/stopcock

Gas-tight barrel pump stopcock

  • Gas-tight stainless steel barrel pump
  • Gas-tight stainless steel barrel pump - discharge hose/stopcock
  • Parts in contact with media: Stainless steel (1.4301), PTFE, nickel-plated brass, PA that can conduct electricity
  • Incl. gas-tight barrel screw joints with 2″ fine thread
  • For bottle openings from 16 – 49 mm
  • Immersion tube Ø 32 mm
  • The pump can be hermetically sealed with two ball valves
The gas-tight barrel pump enables odour-free transfer.

During transfer with normal pumps, it is impossible to prevent vapours escaping into the atmosphere. The gas-shuttle method avoids this. Any vapours produced are returned from the container which is to be filled to the original container via the gas-shuttle pipe. The gas pipe and the liquid pipe are additionally provided with stopcocks.

Gas-tight pumps are used for substances that have a strong smell such as ammonia.

Gas-tight barrel pump with flexible discharge hose for filling off into large canisters and containers. Convenient transfer because the canister can stay on the floor. The connection cone is held onto the container.

Pump has been developed in cooperation with Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich.