Gas-tight barrel pump PP

Gas-tight barrel pump made of PP with original container

  • Liquid is pumped in the closed system (green). Vapours are directed back through the gas displacement line (blue)
  •  Universal adapter 30-70 mm Ø
  • Screw joint adapters 3/4" with lock nuts
  • Gas-tight barrel pump PP use
  • Gas-tight barrel pump PP
  • Medium-contacting parts PP and PVC soft (hose)
  • Steplessly extendable telescopic tube
  • For barrel depths of 40 – 67 cm
  • Two adapters for original containers
The gas-tight barrel pump enables odour-free transfer.

During transfer with normal pumps, it is impossible to prevent vapours escaping into the atmosphere. The gas-shuttle method avoids this. Any vapours produced are returned from the container which is to be filled to the original container via the gas-shuttle pipe. The gas pipe and the liquid pipe are additionally provided with stopcocks.

Gas-tight pumps are used for substances that have a strong smell such as ammonia.

The barrel pump’s universal adapter fits onto container openings of 30 – 70 mm, closing tightly. The container screw joints can be screwed into the container with the 3/4″ thread and lock nut.