VacuMan vacuum pump

VacuMan, PVC

  • VacuMan, PVC
  • VacuMan vacuum pump with or without gauge
  • With or without gauge
  • Sampling set with suction hose and sample container and adapter set for hoses from 5 to 14 mm available as accessory
Hand pump can be operated with one hand to create a vacuum or pressure, independent of a power supply (e.g. vacuum filtration, taking samples, dissipation of desiccators). Maintenance-free, self-lubricating, mainly corrosion resistant. Connection for hoses with 6.4 mm inner Ø. Available in PVC or aluminium for heavy duty.

Available types:

Pressure gauge no yes yes
Stroke approx. 32 ml 16 ml 32 ml
Material PVC PVC PVC
Vacuum – 850 mbar – 850 mbar – 850 mbar
Item no. 5620-0360 5620-1180 5620-1360