Poratble Carat Balance


CT Portable Carat Balance
Poratble Carat Balances effectively provide balancing between 0. 001 ct – 100 ct and are extensively tested for ensuring precise as well as accurate reading. These systems are also compact for providing space saving operations and also come with backlit LED display for easy viewing options.


Standard Features
  • Precise & Accurate reading.
  • Compact and Space Saving.
  • Backlit LED Display for easy viewing.
  • Standard Battery Backup & Glass Windshield.


Technical Specifications


Model Capacity Readability Pan Size
CT 53 50 ct 0.001 ct 35 mm dia
CT 10 C 50 ct 0.005 ct 35 mm dia
CT 20 C 100 ct 0.005 ct 35 mm dia