Jewellery Balances


CY Jewellery Balances Range 0 01 ct to 4100 ct
Citizen’s precision carat balances are our best selling models to the carat industry.
electronic digital carat balances from citizen have several different models to choose from in many different capacities for weighing carat, semi-precious and precious stones, gold, and silver.
citizen digital carat balances pack huge performance in a small package. The design is truly unique, but form follows function. Miniature in size, but designed to be more functional then balances twice it’s size.
citizen’s carat balances are designed for extreme accuracy and durability and are perfect for weighing gemstones, precious metals, and gunpowder. In addition, it comes with a small expansion bowl for weighing powders or grains or loose gems.
citizen’s carat balances are the lowest cost digital carat balances in the market.

1. CT carat balances (range : 0. 001 ct to 600/1600 ct)
2. CY carat balances (range : 0. 001gm/0. 005ct to 720gm/3600ct)

Standard Features
  • Large bakelite LED Display for easy viewing with A.E.P(Advanced Eye protection)
  • Standard RS 232 C Interface.
  • Hanger for below balance weighing.
  • Automatic External calibration.
  • Conforms GLP/GMP and ISO 9001 standard.
  • Dye cast aluminum design for long term stability and accurate results.
  • Various weighing units gm, mg, ct, oz, dwt, mom, GN.
  • Improved repeatability for better results.
  • User selectable stability and filter level.
  • Spacious draft shield interior.


Technical Specifications


Model Capacity Readability Pan Size
CY 120 600 ct 0.005 ct 110 mm dia
CY 220 1100 ct 0.005 ct 110 mm dia
CY 320 1600 ct 0.005 ct 110 mm dia
CY 420 2100 ct 0.005 ct 110 mm dia
CY 322 1600 ct 0.01 ct 110 mm dia
CY 720 3600 ct 0.01 ct 110 mm dia